SETI@home GKrellM plugin


This is a SETI@home plugin for GKrellM.

It is a progress meter intended to show of much of a SETI workunit has been completed, but in a quite nice way.

News on tuesday, october 8th:
I have no time to do a GTK+2.x port, so GKrellM 2.0 is not supported. I do not have GTK+2.x installed on my old box, so...
Anyway, people send me patches or even new versions of this plugin to work with GKrellM 2.x. I put theses versions on this page as-is for the moment. I do not know if they work or not.
If you successfully install them, please let me know.

Download latest versions for GKrellM 1.2.x:

This temporary version compiles with GKrellM 1.2.9 and better.

See the ChangeLog file. (outdated)

Older versions:

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